Aboriginal Art

The art of the Canadian First Nations people depicts their traditions, myths, and legends in beautiful detail. Carvings, sculptures, jewelry, graphics, boxes, and utilitarian items in both traditional and contemporary styles are an expression of our heritage and culture.

1. Corrine Hunt Designed Native Recycled Glass
Made in Vancouver from bound recycled glass, the Sea to Sky Collection is designed by Canadian Aboriginal Artist and designer Corrine Hunt … [view details]
northwestcoastnativeart-small2. Northwest Coast Native Art
The art and culture developed by the Native people of the Pacific Northwest is considered one of the richest and most distinctive in the world…. [view details]
billreidframedetchings-small3. Bill Reid Framed Etchings
One of Canada’s foremost artists, Haida artist Bill Reid, an outstanding gold and silversmith turned sculptor, has been proclaimed a national treasure … [view details]
acanadianlegacy-small4. A Canadian Legacy
The legends of Canada’s first people are depicted in beautiful detail in our latest collection. The Canadian Museum of Civilization has authorized a … [view details]
5. Hand Painted Potlatch Bowls
The word itself means simply “to give”. A Potlatch was an event at which an individual celebrated his claim to certain privileges by feeding and … [view details]
6. Spirit Boxes
These Exquisite boxes represent seven of the West Coast Native animal figures in beautiful detail. Available in Rosewood … [view details]
7. Moon Board & Eagle Knife
The first people of the Pacific Northwest believe all things in the Universe are alive, and possess many powers … [view details]
8. Native Food & Wine Accessories
Made in Vancouver from lead free pewter and bound recycled glass these accessories can be packaged together with the addition of a bottle … [view details]
9. Canadian Museum of Civilization Collection
Authentic reproductions of artifacts from the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Each piece is numbered and comes with a story card … [view details]
fw_brochure_winter_2007_page24_image31-small10. Native Boxes with Pewter Inlay
Decorative boxes were used to store ritual items and became treasured family heirlooms… [view details]
13. Native Design Pewter Picture Frames
The basic element of pewter is Tin, however, as it is too soft to be used on its own, it is tempered with small amounts of copper and antimony … [view details]
14. Native Design Pewter Boxes
Made in Vancouver from lead free pewter with intricate detail these boxes make beautiful presentation gifts and can be engraved on the underside … [view details]
15. Native Carvings
The Eagle is seen as a symbol of both power and prestige as well as a harbinger of peace and friendship… [view details]
BlanketHaidaDreamTime-small16. Native Blankets
Blankets have long been cherished by the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and are a representation of their history, skills, and tradition … [view details]
FFBF-small17. Native Sole
[view details]
SCARF14-small18. Native Origins
[view details]
PSHHL-small19. Pewter Serving Ware
[view details]
SSFS-small20. Silver Plated Serve Ware
[view details]

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