Glen Rabena Abalone Inlay Pewter

Raven / Eagle Photo Frame
The Raven and the Eagle are the two main clan crests of the Haida people of the Queen Charlotte Islands. These frames depict the legend of the creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.Small Frame: $24.00
Medium Frame: $30.00
Large Frame: $50.00

Moon Box: $30.00
Black Boxes with Abalone Inlay: $30.00
Haida Frog Pot: $56.00
Haida Canoe Paperweight: $36.00

Beaver Box
Cast in high quality pewter, our Beaver box is a replica of a bentwood cedar chest designed by Glen Rabena. Over 60 pieces of abalone shell have all been hand-set into the box.
Price: $120.00

Grizzly Bear Box
Before Europeans arrived in North America, grizzly bears freely wandered between California and Alaska, which is no longer the case. The Grizzly is threatened by trophy hunting, logging, and loss of food supply. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this box is donated to nonprofit educational organizations that work for the protection of Grizzly habitat.
Price: $140.00

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