Recycled Globes

Recycled-Globes Maps of the world are constantly changing so we came up with an innovative way to reuse and recycle the many globes that are constantly being replace in classrooms and libraries.

The Good Earth
Our exclusive recycled globe bowl filled with: Crab Paté, Gourmet Crackers, Antipasto, Mineral Water, Roasted Peanuts, Fontazzi Butter Crunch Popcorn, Mountain Trail Mix, Maple Cream Cookies, Fontazzi Caramel Crunch Popcorn
Price: $76.50

What a Wonderful World
Our exclusive large size recycled globe bowl filled with: Mineral Water, Gourmet Crackers, Smoked Salmon Paté, Veggie Caviar, Lobster Paté, Tomato Basil Pretzels, Roasted Pistachios, Cashews Maple Cream Cookies, Whistler Pocket Chocolate Bar
Price: $110.00

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